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And the Lizards Just Watch

Another of the many lizards I see warming themselves on the brick of the Mormon church next to my college. I've walked past that place for years because I won't buy the forty dollar parking permit but the hour and a half between classes I have now at lunch time is starting to make me want to splurge. I tried packing my lunch for a while but I can't think of anything other than peanut butter and jelly sandwiches I can make quickly in the morning and don't take up too much room in my purse. Those peanut better and jelly sandwiches dry out my mouth when the heat is already making me dehydrated.

I've been getting by lately eating the egg salad sandwiches sold at the Peet's Coffee now located on campus. A good source of protein for a vegetarian but I sort of feel like I shouldn't eat them every day. There's a school cafeteria but even assuming I wanted to fight the mob of hollaring recent high school graduates in T-shirts I haven't seen anything come out of that cafeteria that doesn't look like a dog's rubber chew toy. So to-day I walked all the way back down the hill to drive to the nearby shopping centre. I ate at Taco Bell. Out of the plastic pan and into rubbery fire.

I remembered ordering what's called a Seven Layer Burrito regularly thirteen or fourteen years ago. I must have been really small back then because I was surprised by the thin tortilla tube I was handed to-day. I guess I've been spoiled by the real Mexican placed I normally eat at where burritos are normally three times the size of the finger I had to-day for about the same price and made in about the same time.

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