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This is from my car's dashboard when I went to lunch to-day between classes. Note the temperature in the upper right--unless I'm forgetting a day, this is the hottest I've ever seen it in San Diego in my life. Though I do remember a year at Comic Con when it got up to 111 and probably wavered into 112 once or twice. To-day it mainly hovered in the 108 to 110 area. Still, pretty fucking hot, especially since I park off campus at the bottom of a hill.

Less than ten minutes after I took that picture, I suddenly saw ahead of me what could only be rain clouds. When I finished eating lunch at the mall, rain was indeed coming down--I flipped down the back of my fedora and walked in it. I saw a lot of other people were doing similar; a young woman standing on a planter holding her arms up, a man leading his four or five year old son out into it. By the time I got back to the bottom of the hill by the school, it was coming down very hard. My socks were soaked through before I could get the umbrella out of my car trunk. This is from my dashboard at the time, as you can see less than an hour after the previous photo was taken:

I only saw one other person on campus with an umbrella. It's a good thing I'm too lazy to clean out my car.

From the Mormon church next to the school:

After class, it was all over, the sky was clear again. Here's my dashboard on the way home, after I stopped at my mother's:

I drove to La Jolla and stopped in the grocery store. When I got out, the Cloud had caught up with me. Here's a vague rainbow:

I saw six bolts of lightning and heard a lot of thunder. When I got home, my dashboard said this:

That was an hour ago and it's cleared up again. I hope it comes back.

Anyway, it seems appropriate that to-day I bring you

Twitter Sonnet #666

Black horns ignite with a molten taper.
Cast iron hands throttle the lately sane.
Moon ringed hooves cut damned like burning paper.
Ubiquitous brimstone crushed ghosts like rain.
Charcoal brushes the red edges in sight.
Fervent venom sucking asp shadows watch.
Cascade clicking firefly falls alight.
Wheezing grey giant lungs grow black and blotched.
Red velvet incubates the boiling eyes.
Yellow haze crackles on volcanic rock.
Pike mounted pig heads line the lane with flies.
The Devil leaves red ivy on the block.
Burning castles sink into the mad crowd.
Satan's storm showed a still waiting cloud.

Finally, here's a strange bug from my wind shield this morning:

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