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Nesuko and a Naked Man See Ratatouille

Happy Birthday, Frances Farmer, the new free chapter of my web comic The Casebook of Boschen and Nesuko is online.

Well said, Mr. Cobain.

And I still have inking to do on what will be the next free chapter, meaning the free chapters have finally caught up with the ones on Drive Thru Comics. Meaning I really need to get the last issue done within the next two weeks. I wish there weren't so many distractions in my life as there are now, I miss being able to give my comics my full attention.

Twitter Sonnet #667

Dinner triangles regulate guava.
Undetermined touchstones at length retract.
In this game the glowing rocks are lava.
Butterfly nets fluctuate on impact.
Untamed talisman lipstick trained the God.
Wobbling Beyonce yoghurt statues fade.
Blueberry affidavits spare the rod.
Wash basin fish fortunes are by flood made.
Regressed garlic lore diminished the sprout.
Fading dime store sundries drink eagle blood.
Convex vector graphs can illume the gout.
Restless Leg Superman kicks oil crud.
Motion defines fountain pen taco drag.
The equation's too big for a name tag.
Tags: boschen and nesuko, frances farmer, kurt cobain, movies, nirvana, the casebook of boschen and nesuko
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