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Take the Moon, Please

When he took out the yo-yo it made sense because he was testing the gravity. It took me a moment to remember the Doctor hadn't done this since he was Tom Baker--Capaldi did it so naturally. And he followed it up with the Second Doctor's, "When I say run, run." Oh, these things made me smile.

I really liked to-day's Doctor Who episode, "Kill the Moon". I think it's my favourite of the season so far. I think it may be one of my favourites of the past four years.

It was written by a newcomer to the series, Peter Harness, who is apparently a playwright, which makes sense given that the best parts of the episode are people in one room talking. They're having real arguments, not the treading water silliness that has taken up too much of this season. And by making the story finally not about the Doctor, the Doctor really shines--Capaldi comes into his own in this episode as someone from both an older perspective and an impressively alien perspective.

This episode demonstrates how the Doctor in a more paternal role can be just as interesting as a Doctor in a young lover role. In fact, this makes much more sense given that he's over a thousand years old. And Clara's anger from her perspective is just as justified, there are two sides to the arguments presented and neither of them are stupid.

This episode also successfully takes a sci-fi argument and thematically links it to a relationship argument. It takes a strange flight of imaginary science and applies it to the human heart, just like good science fiction is supposed to do. My only real complaint about the episode was the motion sensing monster, the "it can't see you if you don't move!" has always felt hackneyed. Well, how come it doesn't blunder into trees and walls then?

Anyway. He's still a grouchier Doctor but I dare say I could detect Capaldi really relishing this episode.

Twitter Sonnet #672

Metallic streamers helped the metal man.
Organic rainfall floundered at Sumter.
Figure eight swung paint guns touched the god Pan.
Doughnuts rang the jelly bodied punter.
Chip tooth spiral railings nourish the barque.
Mouse pad pudding alarms languish abroad.
Fondue haircut hats sliced the god's gilt ark.
Monument eunuch titans cut the sod.
Refurbished bullion leaks the beanie's scalp.
Leatherless shoes shod the down town tourney.
Blushing mountains hide in snows of talc.
Fossil parasites devoured Barney.
Frosting circles killed the liquor license.
Marble balloons linger without absence.
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