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Commencing Halloween

Happy Halloween, everyone. This is only the prelude to multiple posts I intend to make throughout the day covering horror films. For now, a warning:

Twitter Sonnet #681

Clocks afoul of bookless classrooms collapse.
Slip'ry relics repaint the halls at dawn.
A curling parchment proclaimed a relapse.
Fire attacks the too long dead and gone.
Dry hooves cut withered leaves of dusk clapped eyes.
A rotten grip rendered the brain sugar.
Untimely skeletons strangle the flies.
The jelly dark is eating with rigour.
Black clutching edges burnt the eye sockets.
Exiled femurs clot the bony pit.
Old marshmallow fingers stay in pockets.
The candy corn teeth crumble on the bit.
The zombie cage inverts on immortals.
White plastic wheels carry the dead portals.
Tags: halloween, sonnet

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