Trompé Setsuled (setsuled) wrote,
Trompé Setsuled

Sleeve Hopper

This grasshopper jumped onto my sleeve while I was walking yesterday.

He crawled up onto my chest--here he is between tie and suspender:

I finally had to gently nudge him at which point he jumped back down into the grass. I feel like he had an important message he couldn't convey.

By the way, as might be obvious, I've started catching up on 2014 films so I can rank them on New Years, as usual. If anyone has a movie from this year they'd like to recommend, feel free. I usually try to take samplings from several countries so if you're from some place other than the U.S. I'm particularly interested in hearing about what films were the best in your neck of the woods.

Twitter Sonnet #688

The absent wind sent us through an iris.
Trick happiness skated the hat's rough brim.
Last nines pursue a long woken Alice.
Found footage martyrs salt the beverage rim.
Onion bliss heater vacuum men arrive.
Tor's empty hand signalled the dessert bar.
The thin curled wood shavings fill the archive.
The lion is hard to nail to the car.
Tin timeless clock oorang outangs keep watch.
Pitchfork pegasi gestate pumice stones.
Erased raccoon masks drown in double scotch.
Memos tear in the old dry printer's bones.
No arms in grasslands preclude the torso.
Worldly cobras can lie to the lasso.
Tags: grasshopper, movies, photo, sleeve

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