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The Force is Dragged Out of Bed

So here it is for real, the teaser trailer for Star Wars: Episode VII. Contained within is about 8% of all the stuff we've seen from the official "leaks" to say nothing of the supposedly unofficial ones. At this point, I don't really feel like I have an opinion except that the villain looks a bit generic. That burning crossguard on his lightsabre looks like it's an attempt to give the same shock as the sight of Darth Maul igniting his two sided sabre in the Phantom Menace trailers, which I guess goes to show the franchise is still being influenced by the prequels whether it likes to admit it or not. It actually feels a lot like an Expanded Universe movie. As in, this feels like the kind of story an Expanded Universe movie would have; trying not to deviate too much from the original trilogy, incorporating the original characters, featuring Empire "remnants" so we can still have the heroes fighting TIE Fighters and stormtroopers, and featuring villains that are basically guys in robes (like Joruus C'baoth). I have a feeling that whatever Disney announces about canon, what it's going to work out to is that all we'll have is a new Expanded Universe from now on. Kind of as Return to Oz is to The Wizard of Oz. Which isn't to say I think it'll be bad--I really enjoyed a lot of Expanded Universe stuff. But I think we'll look back on Clone Wars as the last of the main vein.

Last night I dreamt I saw Larry King at the supermarket. He looked at me, wearing my suspenders, approvingly but didn't say anything. I noticed a row of turkeys on the shelf had suspenders, too, the button parts fixed under their wings. "Well," I said to King, "At least they know how to dress a turkey!"

He said, "That's right!" and snapped my suspenders. Then I woke up.
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