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I'm no doctor

I woke up at 7:20am this morning . . . of my own accord. No buzzing pager or alarm. I just arose at 7:20 feeling very rested and thinking that the time was more like 11:40am, which has been closer to my regular time of natural awakening. I should have known better than to trust that I'd obtained a regular wake-up time.

It's not as if I got to bed early last night--I didn't. I stayed up lat watching Slayers movies my friend Magious burned onto cd for me. And let me tell ya, Lina Inverse is one groovy chick.

. . .

Well, it's now been a week exactly since Cyptess told me she'd be in Seattle and told me she'd notify me. And still, not a peep from her. I wonder how I could get to the bottom of this mystery? Do I seek an oracle? I flipped a coin yesterday because I could think of nothing else--heads they're dead, tails they're not. I got tails, so I suppose I should take heart. And hope that my coin dinna mean, "Of course they're alive! They're alive in your heart,"

. . .

To-day on my to-do list; 1)have coffee 2)read 3)have tea 4)write

So far I'm one for four.
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