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Back From the Sleep (okay, I haven't been there yet)

It just occured to me what a marvellous thing it is to be able to quote or refer to a very obscure, very influencial underground artist. Unfortunately, I've never been one of the smug bastards who was able to do so.

If you're like me, then I've devised something you might like . . . Or, I should say, I've devised someONE. Feda Chiinial Fredo. I just made her up.

So, anyone reading this journal, if you should ever need to pull a name out of your ass to support some dubiously eccentric philosophical, political, or emotional statement, be sure to pull out Feda. If enough people see this journal, and use Feda, then a subtle web of credibility shall be established as people who are refered to Feda's works might vaguely remember having heard her name somewhere else.

And so, Feda Chiinial Fredo, I send thee out into the world . . .
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