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What goes out.

Okay, from robyn_ma there comes vaginal discharge (hey, she set herself up for that one).

My rant;

You know, one thing that seems to've escaped the notice of too many supposedly discerning individuals is the obnoxious arrogance so often flounced by the vagina. Now, this orifice is a celebrated one, and not without good reason. But no one should get away with thinking that whatever it spews is transformed into a more interesting matter merely by the process of the spewing. Honestly, this "discharge"--let's call it by its proper name--needs to be played off stage, already! I have it on good authority, in fact, that such discharges are in reality a side effect of a failed experimental Roman secret communications device, whose proper function could not be utilised before the empire fell.

So fuck you, vaginal discharge, you obsolete war mechanism!
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