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A Live Journal Entry.

I walked from downtown to Hillcrest (that's a long way, up a hill) a couple days ago just to get a Dresden Dolls CD I already had (but my old copy was disintegrating). I'm very glad I got it, but I have to say I think, in some ways, their "A" is for Accident is a better album.

And is the "Girl Anachronism" the very model of a modern Major General? I don't think it's a bad thing, really, if she is.

I seem to be entirely on schedule with Boschen and Nesuko this week. But I'm also working on the Nar'eth winter special, which I was delayed on a bit for one reason, and am now delayed because I'm puzzling out a technique to use on a certain thing . . . Jeez, but I'm sure I'm boring everyone with all the details.

I thinking I'm getting back to my old sleeping schedule, which makes me happy. And I've been looking everywhere for a copy of Alfred Hitchcock's Notorious on DVD, and am about to concede defeat and admit I'll have to order it online.

Have I got anything else to say? Not at the moment but, then, I am very sleepy . . .

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