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About Building the Pier

Previous Entry Building the Pier Jun. 10th, 2015 @ 01:34 pm Next Entry

Very tired right now. Had to get up early for an appointment, I think I got five hours sleep. Possibly less. Saw a police car zig-zagging on the freeway on my way home, keeping the traffic behind him slow, I'm guessing to buy time for some catastrophe a few miles ahead. Or maybe he was drunk. It's hard to have much faith in cops these days. It seems like the periodic news of school shootings several years ago has given way to periodic news of irresponsible cops shooting innocent people. Is there a correlation? Are these cops the other wouldbe shooters who graduated? Well, I think there's probably always been a lot of police violence that's gone unreported.

I'm probably too tired to try any particularly profound thought right now. So here're some photos that've accumulated on my camera:

Twitter Sonnet #758

Armless lacquer made oarsmen hopped ashore.
Mara Jade journeymen never saw sky.
Saint George germinates the thoughtless boar.
Crashing guitar rainbows bought a small guy.
A surfeit of squares has sogged the pocket.
All wigs withdrew decisions at press time.
Cocoanut hands mishandled the socket.
Inside screaming shavings swallowed the lime.
Pipe cleaner claimants mollify foundries.
Ordinary knackered corn bulbs blink twice.
Yellow yammering tea drank wan sundries.
Bouquets request caution with razor rice.
Traumerei traffic tulip snakes return.
Petrol station bank dust has raised concern.

Current Location: The seaside
Current Mood: sleepysleepy
Current Music: "Deep Dish" - Ani DiFranco
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