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Paladins on the street.

I've been rather clumsy to-day. I keep bumping into things, tripping on the various bags, CDs, and books stacked about the room. It's becoming distracting.

Looking over hits I've gotten at Boschen Nesuko lately, I saw that yesterday someone submitted it to a web comic site called The Web Comic List. Apparently someone called "zonarius", and I can't find any information about him or her.

I'm not sure how I feel about this. I suppose it's a good thing; I've already gotten some hits from it. But I kind of would like to've been told beforehand, so I could attach a graphic to the profile.

I didn't even know about this list page until this incident. Maybe I would've found it eventually . . . The gods know I could go a significant ways further in promoting my site than I have been. I keep meaning to, but I forget. Honestly, my brain is too, too cluttered.

I hope I'm more energetic after I've slept. To-morrow I don't just want to do a Boschen and Nesuko page. I want to do Nar'eth pages. And maybe some of the other projects I've had bouncing around my head lately.

And I want to pick up the new Tori Amos album. It’s true that I haven't been as enthusiastic about her newer stuff. I still haven't finished watching the Welcome to Sunny Florida DVD, and I wasn't very fond of the new mixes on the Tales of a Librarian collection. But I'm a Tori fan, and one can't be a Tori fan without being at least a little zealous.

Well, it's 6am. I think I'll have some cereal and then see if I can actually get to sleep early.

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