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From Coffee to Tea in Twelve Hours

I say, have I ever expressed a dislike for Thursdays? Well! What a horrid day is Thursday, I mean, really!

Broad ambitions did I have yesterday. I planned to draw from dusk 'til dawn. But in all, I only managed to draw and ink two comic pages and colour three. That's because at about 2am I was feeling wretched and antsy, and generally in need of inspiration.

So I watched 1931's Inspiration, starring Greta Garbo. I was foolishly pleased by this standard, MGM melodrama vehicle. I could go for some quality time with Garbo.

Anyway, that and eating were the only things I stopped for until 6:30am, when I decided it was time to go to bed. And in bed, I read The Amazing Spider-Man Annual number 1, with the Sinister Six. And at around 8am, I decided I wasn't going to get any worthwhile sleep before the maids arrived at 11am. Oh, well. I just hope I'm not too wrecked to-morrow to do the last two pages of the new Boschen and Nesuko chapter.

And when I say "to-morrow", don't worry. I don't have any idea what I'm talking about, either.
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