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Come, Come, Red Coats

I really feel bad saying I don't like hoodies. I firmly believe in everyone's right to wear them. I certainly don't look at someone as a physical threat for wearing one. In fact, I think they're just so boring. There's something very default about them, like a uniform handed out to mark you as an average young person. I guess in that way they're not much different from the hooded mantles worn by mediaeval peasants. As much as I love the middle ages, I can't get behind hoodies. And yes, I think Ezio what's-his-name from Assassin's Creed looks like a chump.

Aside from the hoodie--and the t-shirt--I really like the Twelfth Doctor's wardrobe in the new trailer.

Especially the burgundy velvet coat which most people have been pointing out is reminiscent of Capaldi's favourite Doctor, Three.

There're several things I'm liking about the upcoming season, chief of which is the fact that every story is going to be two parts. That basically makes it like the classic series--well, it makes it exactly like the Sixth Doctor's first full season. But let's not look at it that way. For the first time since the new series premièred, the standard two hour-ish story format that emerged in the Fourth Doctor's era will be back. It's been sorely needed with all the episodes, like last season's "Time Heist", that felt cramped and rushed for all the characters and concepts the show attempted to make hay with in less than an hour.

Speaking of the Sixth Doctor, the only audio I had time to listen to this past week was the fairly unremarkable 2005 story Thicker than Water, which was more interesting for its fannishness than for any intrinsic story merits, featuring the Doctor going to visit an audio only companion, Evelyn, with a television companion, Mel, and a cameo from the Seventh Doctor where we learn a character from another audio was the mother of an audio companion of the Seventh Doctor's. And Thicker than Water features a return to a location introduced in another audio. So, if you've never listened to a Doctor Who audio play before, don't start with this one.

Twitter Sonnet #780

Shoulder pad plebeians predict dimples.
However harvest vacillates don't fall.
Inspectors nod out at the crime pimples.
Whoever kicks last offends the football.
Violet clockwork tambourine rangers strike.
No-one saw where moonless markers tallied.
An entire Italy's in a bike.
Briskly walking broccoli to lungs sallied.
A change of pocket pleased the nickel's groove.
The lint given to-day stops musket's late.
Bedclothes contain that what sleepers behoove.
A NyQuil body floats into the gate.
Force fed echoes degraded the larynx.
Living medicine balls broke the hammocks.
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