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It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's a Bat, It's Great, It's Not Bad, It's Finished, It Needs Work . . .

There's an article on io9 now about how Warner Brothers studio brass are insisting on adding more Batman to Batman v Superman. "Two years ago, when Ben Affleck was cast as Batman, no one would’ve guessed it could come to this." Yes, it's been two years since we heard Ben Affleck was cast as Batman. For a movie that comes out next year. Gods, this story. It is really starting to fascinate me. In case you hadn't heard, Batman v Superman, which was supposed to be released a couple months ago, was pushed back a year. Warner Brothers CEO Kevin Tsujihara explained:

It was a tough decision at the time because it was going to create a hole in 2015, but it was absolutely the right decision for the franchise, for DC and the movie. Having seen the movie multiple times, and again last night, I'm extremely confident it was the right decision to make the movie better. And it's so important for the studio to get the foundation right on DC.

I think people are shitting their pants at the growing impression that the Spruce Goose just isn't going to fly. But at the same time, the mechanisms cannot be stopped. They've gone all in. Two years on and no-one has seen the Batfleck except in trailers but to keep it alive they have to pump some blood into it. Paying audiences may not have seen Batfleck, but people at the studio have and, just between them and us, he's really good. Oh, he's so good. This movie is definitely going to come out and no-one should worry about it. Stop worrying about it.

That's the latest exciting development in the movie that was supposed to be in the can three months ago. Oh, what glorious gas.

I'm pretty tired from walking in the 104 Fahrenheit weather so here are some photos I've taken recently:

Twitter Sonnet #788

A temporary sleeve of black has stretched.
Across the card a cup demolished quotes.
Reclining peaks of salamanders fetched
Reprove a mess of holiday bound boats.
Computer hopes negotiate with lives.
Transporters won't report broken waistcoats.
When Bilbo's buttons were given for tithes
Gargoyles looted necks for their ascots.
Spaghetti hidden under collars wait.
The seeds of citrus condemnation root.
On aprons scissors slip off to their fate.
A dizzy deity shoved hearts in soot.
Virginia no the mark is a spider.
I'll ignore there are flies in the rider.
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