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The Lessons of Missy and Davros

So I guess sunglasses are the Twelfth Doctor's fez. I really liked what they did with them in this new episode but with the hoodies, the sunglasses, the electric guitar . . . which I did like and that Capaldi looked like he was actually playing it (he was in a band with Craig Ferguson) and I want to stress Twelve is still my favourite of the new Doctors . . . he's kind of coming off as the "mid life crisis Doctor". The bow tie on Eleven started off ironic and became genuine, just because there's a sense that that's the only way the modern audience can take even a hint of weirdness, I think. Can you imagine a new Doctor wearing a ruffled shirt or a cricket outfit? Even the bow tie, of course, was originally worn by Two and the tartan trousers I love so much were worn by One, Two, and Seven. I wish there was more courage to genuinely rock the boat.

That said, it was a good episode, Capaldi and Gomez were great, Coleman was fine but she had kind of a reduced role. Missy felt more like the Companion, actually she kind of reminded me of Turlough although I think Gomez is successfully channelling a bit of Anthony Ainley.

Spoilers after the screenshot

And Clara's back in a Dalek. No-one even says anything. The Doctor could have said, "Seriously, how does this keep happening to you?" but, oh, well. The Dalek shell translating "I love you" into "Exterminate" and other nasty things was one of my favourite ideas in the episode.

I also love Davros' diabolical double blind, if you will.

I loved how much the sewers resembled the caves from the original Dalek serial, I love how accurately the corridors were recreated and, of course, I loved the return of the original design.

I'm looking forward to next week's episode. I'm hoping it'll be less about the Doctor--a lot of people have said it, I've said it before, the show needs to get off the subject of the Doctor a little more often.

Twitter Sonnet #794

A blue background ink cloud gave dust to bins.
The afterlife sleeve harbours rough coinage.
If whomever drops all the pipettes wins
There's nothing thin that's sucked for wet salvage.
Lev'raged polka pant hose understudies
Have climbed the successful question to-day.
If nutrition intrudes on all puddies
A boneless mandible bites through the bay.
A fame resounds off canyons shrunk to squeaks.
Of note a bird's canvas replenished sight.
Behind one mask one Ginger Rogers speaks
Ice soon in vodka melted in the night.
When bishops drank the blood in Christ's real dolls
Emerged then tastes for nylon wafer balls.
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