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Big Objects

I wouldn't have made it far outside on Saturday if I'd been a mosquito or housefly. A large web had been constructed and apparently abandoned overnight in front of my door. Thin strands extended all the way down but the concentration of spirals at the top makes that part the most visible.

It's flattering, at least one spider wants me to stay. Maybe she was just ambitious and thought to have stocked her larder for several generations. At least it didn't have "Some pig" written on it. I'm not even a cop.

I did take some pictures of the moon last night but they all look like I put a flashlight behind a black cloth.

I'm not sure how much of this blur is due to my unsteady hand or my inferior camera. It seems okay for taking pictures of birds during the day. There always seems to be a bird perched on this sign whenever I walk past:

Tags: bird, moon, photograph, web
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