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Of course, you realise this means war.

Had difficulty listening to my new Thelonious Monk CD this morning, thanks to the presence of the painters who insist on listening to the radio. Gods, I have an irrational hatred of the radio. So I decided to listen to the Raiders of the Lost Ark soundtrack very loudly. That'll show 'em. What, I don't know.

Now they're painting the bathroom and I need to pee. I guess this is a good reason to go out to lunch. And I have already finished the Boschen and Nesuko page for to-day, so I might as well.

For me, Boschen and Nesuko is kind of created by the interaction of sorrow and humour. The sort of neutral zone of energy in between. This latest chapter, I felt was more of the humour variety as I was writing it, actually making me giggle out loud a couple times. And it was pretty easy to write, too. It just kind of fell together.

As I'm drawing it, I'm finding it's sort of a more sombre set of circumstances taking place. I'm starting to wonder if all comedy becomes sorrow when it's viewed at a slow pace.

Yesterday, I enjoyed a lot of walking. I kind of mean to call the car insurance people to-day, but I have such a loathing for the idea of automobiles lately . . . Everyone says I need a car, and I simply can't understand why. Oh well.
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