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The Inimitable Style of Bakemono

Oh, Ash, when will you learn it's never, ever a good idea to read from the Necronomicon? Though it did lead to the best thing about Saturday's episode of Ash vs. Evil Dead, this demon Ash and cohorts unwisely summon to solicit its advice:

It's like something from a Guillermo del Toro movie. Again, when was the last time we saw anything like this on a television show? Not even Game of Thrones gives us such stylish design. I liked the subtle effect of its mouth staying in place while the rest seemed to quiver, too, like a broken video image. I also loved that the only advice he had for Ash was to die quicker.

By the way, I only realised a few days ago we're five episodes into a new Monogatari series, this one called Owarimonogatari (終わり物語), literally "End Story". This one is a big step up from previous series, much of the visual design very strongly reminding me of the original Bakemonogatari series, perhaps not surprising since it appears Akiyuki Shinbo is sole director on this one.

I've only watched the first two episodes but so far I'm really digging it. Another new female character is introduced, Oikura, who's known Araragi since middle school and much of the story seems to concern her deep hatred for him, the causes of which are completely mysterious to him. She complains of "water that thinks it boiled by itself," and for explanation will only complain about how she hates people who are ungrateful and believe that it's possible to get through life without help from others.

Much of the story so far is Araragi investigating the mystery with Ogi, the possibly supernatural being who calls herself the niece of Araragi's mentor from season one, Oshino. There are so many nice stylistic flourishes in this season, I loved a quick flashback explaining how Araragi and Ogi ended up at his old middle school in their investigation that shows Araragi and Ogi in some strange storybook cat school where pairs of apples drift along the paths.

Owarimonogatari OP2 by pKjd
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