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For These Oversized Leaves

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. This year I'm thankful for the sweet potato at the foot of my bed which has grown into quite a monster.

Every day it seems to have changed drastically in some way, with bigger leaves or its vines twisting around in different directions.

To-day's also the 150th anniversary of the publication of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. So for goodness sake, have tea with your turkey. I was going to compile a ranking of film adaptations but I don't have time to-day. I've been beating the time and now he won't do a thing for me. Maybe to-morrow but never to-day.

Here are some more pictures I've taken lately:

Twitter Sonnet #814

The annual bicycle brakes engage.
Entrenched resistance millet boils fast.
When leopard shadows reign they might enrage
Reverse sirens in nights of highways past.
A shirt revealed the pants inside the heart.
Whenever coats would linger on their racks
A shorter skirt redeemed a stocking's part.
Retaining cards in garters swell the packs.
The weather vane was sacrificed to kings.
Directions missed detoured the ghost of snakes.
Hotel coin monsters say when truth rings.
The rust will show when great potato bakes.
When turnkey turkeys breech the prison wall
Unholy gates reward us one and all.
Tags: alice in wonderland, alice's adventures in wonderland, photograph, thanksgiving
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