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Lemon, Bee Butt, and Ant Scream

To-day I've cleverly subverted Easter traditions by sleeping in 'til noon. Well, I was up much later than I ought to've been watching a movie, playing chess, and drinking a hot toddy with a generous helping of scotch. And lots of lemon juice--here are some pictures I took of my parents' lemon tree yesterday when I was there for Easter dinner along with my sister and brother-in-law:

I've just finished eating lunch which I think was a pretty solid hangover meal--a grilled cheese sandwich to which I added a fried egg, tobasco, pepper, and onion I grilled on the pan next to the sandwich. I've now given my body way more material than I intend to use on this very lazy day. Surprisingly I've been playing chess pretty well to-day, beating some tough players I normally lose against. Who knows, maybe I'll do something productive yet. It is only 5:30.
Tags: ant, bee, easter, flower, lemon, photograph
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