Trompé Setsuled (setsuled) wrote,
Trompé Setsuled

2016's Two Minutes of Who

Well, we may not be getting a proper episode of Doctor Who until Christmas but to-day the new companion was announced in a two minute miniature episode.

It feels sort of like test footage. I'm reminded of the footage of Sigourney Weaver doing an early version of the cocooned Kane scene for Alien--or the departure scene for Mel from the Seventh Doctor's first season which was originally a test scene. The Doctor and Companion, running from Daleks. It has a very old shoe feel to it. Default Who. In a way it is test footage but for the audience--it's an interesting idea, instead of giving us time to wonder about what she'll be like we're given a test drive right off. That being said, we learn a lot more about the actress than the character, Bill. Her lines are all as generic as the clip--asking what this weird stuff is, making a snide remark about what's familiar now to all the viewers. She seems like a decent enough performer. She's the first female companion since Donna to be average looking rather than perfectly gorgeous like Karen Gillan and Jenna Coleman. I wonder if this was planned to try to convince fans to not look for a romance between the two. More than ever, I'm annoyed the BBC is spending money on an uninteresting Doctor Who spinoff this year instead of a season of Doctor Who. It was nice seeing Twelve again, however briefly.
Tags: doctor who, television, tv show
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