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The Super Pit

It seems directors are jumping ship from various upcoming DC movies--to-day James Wan has made noise about leaving the upcoming Aquaman movie after the director of the Flash film left. Both directors are talking about creative differences with the studio. The only thing that checks my amusement is thinking of how much better spent all this money could be. But I really can't help laughing at the fact that the studiio is in panic mode because Batman v Superman didn't succeed when it's been obvious for almost two years it wasn't going to, if it wasn't obvious two weeks into Man of Steel's theatrical run. Of course, James Wan, director of the lousy Saw and the downright execrable Conjuring likely does not have better ideas than the studio. I actually think if the studio caves to Ben Affleck on his stand alone Batman film, that one won't be bad. Argo wasn't really bad, despite being rife with stereotypes, just not the masterpiece people act like it is, and an average superhero film might just be Affleck's speed as a director, however miscast he is as the title character.

Of course, DC/Warners does have a hit incoming with Suicide Squad. Its success is as obvious as Batman v Superman's failure. It's all because of Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn, and possibly Jared Leto's Joker. If DC/Warners had any kind of reliable compass, they'd be throwing out the Justice League shit now and making Harley Quinn/Joker movies. But that would take way more courage than there is between ten of the people behind the scenes.

I just did a Google image search for Margot Robbie because I wanted to gaze at her beauty and noticed one of the refined search options was "Margot Robbie Focus" which I misread as "Margot Robbie Foetus" and thought, wow, people have some strange fetishes.

I didn't have much time for Doctor Who this week or anything else, really. I listened to one very short Fifth Doctor audio play from 2007 called Urban Myths, a pretty funny one about a bunch of Time Lords who meet at at restaurant to discuss killing the Doctor only to find all their memories about him are wrong. Meanwhile Peri is their waitress. It's sort of a short Rashomon comedy.

Twitter Sonnet #866

A random anger has rebuked my ship.
A guess for gusts amends a lamp abaft.
Retractions nurse a bruised cloud for kip.
A clam, an eel, a drop of rain, a raft.
Accosted cake accepts a bath tub term.
The winds of cholera adjoin the still.
A grog reverts to quench the captain's worm.
In wooden visage sat a tree-ish will.
In troubled swirls of spiteful barques, they watch.
In pockets pulled at bars of no reprieve.
A rudder stock decayed for carvéd notch.
The clouds in blue vortex a hand conceive.
A system turns in suds long left on deck.
The eyes of mirror lands grew from a speck.
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