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The Squirrel Stands Again

I saw the Standing Squirrel at the trolley station again this morning. I managed to get stabler video this time. And this time the battery on my camera ran out before the squirrel moved. In fact, the squirrel never left the rock while I was there.

Music is from the ballet Gayane by Aram Khachaturian.

Twitter Sonnet #867

Ovid's avocado ovulates gods.
In Keats, the cleats unseats the peats of ghosts.
If Moses knows his poses throws his odds
Then Pac-Man tax man klaxons clamp on hosts.
A game regained the claim to blame the tot.
Informed, the born have shorn the loris wig.
It chafes the mace apace with lace for plot.
I trust we must combust the lusty pig.
To free the bee from glee we see your sock.
When tongues or lungs expunge the plunge we fall.
When each impeach of leeching breeches talk
The chances ranches branch to Blanche are tall.
We go to grow the slowest flowing moss.
Against the fence, the wince evinced the gloss.
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