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On I Dream of Michael Rooker

Happy Friday the 13th, everyone. I always seem to have a nice day on Friday the 13th. I may stand an especially good shot because I had a rather unlucky day yesterday. While I was cleaning the oatmeal bowl I've used almost every morning for five or six years, it slipped in my hand and broke on the sink, cutting my left pinkie. Then I ended up wasting hours making a chess arena in Second Life that ending up being unusable because the castle walls construction pack I bought had parts that disappear when the camera's only a short distance away. From the full bag of potatoes I had for dinner, it turned out all of them were emerald green and had to be thrown away, so I had rice and made a mess making tortillas for quesadillas. Then, around the sweet potato I'd had growing in a mason jar for almost a year, I noticed swarms of tiny white flies when I tried to trim it so I had to throw it away. But my day was still better than Daryl's in episode five of The Walking Dead, season two.

Spoilers for The Walking Dead season 2 after the screenshot

I can see why everyone likes Daryl now. Just when I was wondering if I could get any further through the "Who the Baby Daddy?" story in the excruciatingly shallow Rick/Lori/Shane love triangle, Daryl's horse throws him, he falls to the bottom of a hill, and has to fight two zombies after being impaled by his own crossbow arrow. He didn't have to wear their ears as trophies, he probably didn't have to eat a dead squirrel, but I'm so glad he did.

And Michael Rooker as Merle came back! Sort of, in visions. I hope he comes back for real.

I love that Daryl believes in Chupacabra, too. He presumably has some of the same bigotry as his brother but there's a stunted innocence about him that's really sweet. If it were the Merle and Daryl show, the dysfunctional redneck brothers after the apocalypse, I'd be really happy with The Walking Dead. If the show does turn out that way, though, don't tell me, I'm trying to avoid spoilers.

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