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Deborah and Dagon

Well, I had seven pages to colour when I woke up at 9am this morning but for some reason I didn't think it would take me just over ten hours to colour them. It takes way too fucking long to colour. But I did it--there's finally another Dekpa and Deborah online. John Milton might be dead, something lives. Enjoy.

Happy birthday to Dashiell Hammett, Siouxsie Sioux, Harlan Ellison, Vincent Price and Christopher Lee. Wow, May 27, nice work.

Twitter Sonnet #875

Momentum tracked the car across the ring.
The afterburn from monoliths was flat.
A walking run, an undercranked star string.
The space of packaged tolls was propped by that.
The eyes were met within the cube of rough.
A shadow pulled like drapes across the bar.
A tattered chair was lifted by its scruff.
A settee cat controlled its smoking tar.
Embedded tongues put words beyond the curl.
Inside the ear they march along with time.
The second diamond clipped a poster girl.
Now plastered on the tunnel walls they climb.
So nothing gathers slower than the steel.
In ev'ry hue there lurks a water wheel.
Tags: comic, dagon, dekpa and deborah, john milton, the devils dekpa and deborah
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