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Dekpa Successfully Immigrates to England

I've finally gotten another chapter of Dekpa and Deborah online. Enjoy. I can't believe how long this comic takes to me. I thought I'd finish this chapter on Friday, then I thought I'd finish it on Saturday but finally had to admit defeat before spending all day on it on Sunday and still not finishing it until I spent all day Monday on it. Maybe it's that there were so many characters in this chapter. I always think there must be some easier technique I'm missing that would enable me to make comics faster in the same quality but I don't know what that technique is. Mostly I just wish I could clone myself and delegate tasks.

Anyway, happy birthday, Henry David Thoreau, Tod Browning, Milton Berle, and Ben Burtt.
Tags: comics, dekpa and deborah, the devils dekpa and deborah, web comic
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