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They Can See You - Yew Erdri Ming

About They Can See You

Previous Entry They Can See You Jul. 22nd, 2016 @ 08:44 pm Next Entry

Looks like Newt spotted me taking her picture to-day. Well, I'm glad she survived the beginning of Alien 3 after all.

I sure did a lot of walking to-day. 100+ Fahrenheit weather. I think I'll take a cold shower.

Lots more to see to-morrow. I'm still not sure whether I want to try to get into Hall H for the Aliens and Star Trek panels when all the Hall H stuff is going to be broadcast anyway. There are three other panels I'd like to see but I'd have to skip Hall H to see them. At the same time, Hall H is, common wisdom dictates, the Main Event. There've been people camped out for days for it, though only a few hundred. I'll see how I feel in the morning.
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