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Getting somewhere

To-day would be a really nice day to get abducted by aliens. I think I may even be game for an anal probe, so long as I get to see an alien planet.

Hm. I guess I'd take mutilation too. Come to think of it, I'd do quite a lot of things to get off this planet and see the rest of the universe.

It's been awhile since I've thought about life on other planets . . . I wonder what they're up to to-day? What strange wars, sporting events, or art exhibitions are scheduled?

The best thing about alien abduction is that it's free. Well, one of the best things (don't wanna sell short the seeing the universe bit).

I'm looking at my eighteen dollars. And I'm wondering if it'd be wise to purchase something to drink.

Ye gods I want a job!

I wonder how my acquaintances are doing to-day?

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