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All our little processes.

About Mostly Inadvertent Offences

Previous Entry All our little processes. Jun. 1st, 2005 @ 02:36 pm Next Entry
I noticed, the other day, that someone had made a shopping cart gallery over by the Michael's. In the empty lot, someone had lined up carts, one representative for every fleet in the vicinity. One from Michael's, one from Wal-Mart, one from Target, one from Ross, etcetera. There were about twelve of them, some of which must have come from stores a couple of miles distant. The lineup's been there for several days now.

I was at Michael's to get another pad of tracing paper. In case anyone doesn't know, I make the Boschen and Nesuko pages by drawing them in pencil on a sketch pad first, and then inking them on a piece of tracing paper I staple over the pencil drawing. I've been doing it this way since chapter four--before, I'd ink right on the sketch pad paper. I have a feeling I oughtn't use staples as it occasionally creates bubbles, but I don't have a better technique available at the moment.

I'm a little curious to see how this new chapter goes over. There's a good chance a lot of people are going to find it extremely disappointing. But, all's I can say is this is where the story seemed to be going, to me. It seems like what ought to come next. And I think I would be disappointed by anything else.

Here I am getting all defensive about something people haven't even read yet . . .

Could anyone tell I modelled King Olveib after Adolphe Menjou? I don't think I made his jaw quite big enough, but that's okay . . . It's King Olveib, not Adolphe Menjou, after all.

I'd better get to my tasks for to-day. Yesterday, docbrite was wantonly committing LJ sins, a blasphemous orgy of wickedness that culminated in her creating a quiz which I, like many, partook of. So now I know where to eat if I visit New Orleans;

You are Marisol. You are eclectic, innovative, and
a little dangerous, but not quite as crazy as
people tend to think -- you have strong
principles and a solid grounding in culinary
tradition. You do exactly what you believe in
and don't give a good goddamn what anybody
thinks. Some people resent you for that, but
you really have no choice in the matter; you're
incapable of compromise.

What Famous New Orleans Restaurant Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla
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Date:June 1st, 2005 03:45 pm (UTC)
Why don't you ink on the pad anymore?

For several reasons, actually. When I draw these pictures, there tends to be a lot of structural, skeleton stuff that's not part of the finished drawing--I draw basic skeletons for the characters, then draw their flesh over that, and often for the backgrounds, I draw everything in simple polygons first so it all looks properly three dimensional (although I still screw it up sometimes--I'm still not sure the odd establishing shot for the city in chapter 15 looks quite right). Before, I'd do all this on one piece of paper, and then ink the important bits with a thick black marker. I'd put another paper over this, and that would be the finished image--putting in all the little details. And then I'd ink that with the finer tip, 0.5 pen.

Now, I do all the structural stuff and details on the same paper in pencil, then ink on the tracing paper with the 0.5 pen. Lots of advantages this way--it's easier to see all the structural stuff I've done, and if I make a mistake when inking, it's a lot easier to simply change tracing papers. And I have a lot more freedom when doing the pencils--I can be pretty sloppy, drawing lots of lines, without worrying that the image will retain lines I don't want after I've decreased the colours to two. So there's less clean-up involved once I have the image on the computer.

I like your new icon.
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