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The Hera Chronicles

Hera (Vanessa Marshall) unquestionably owned last night's new episode of Star Wars Rebels, "Double Agent Droid". It also featured some nice focus on the droid characters and a starring role for Wedge, who's more prominent in the episode than Ezra, which is how it fucking should be.

Spoilers after the screenshot.

I think this was also the first canonical direct reference to urination in the Star Wars universe. We live in exciting times. I never thought I'd see Imperial toilets.

It was nice Wedge seemed to be the star of the first part of the episode. That was something that really reminded me of Clone Wars, instead of the writers bending over backwards to find another way for one of the Rebels main cast to make a meaningful impact on some classic Star Wars character's life. The cgi model looks nice but I wish the actor, Nathan Kress, sounded more like Denis Lawson or the guy who did voice over for Wedge in A New Hope. It was a bit silly that he absolutely refused to listen to AP-5 (Stephen Stanton) and his warnings about Chopper.

Poor Chopper. Not only has he recently parted with his secret lover, Sabine (study the clues, it's true), now he's mind controlled for almost this whole episode. But it was funny how Chopper being polite was what started tipping everyone off.

And so the Rebel Alliance struck its ten thousandth successful blow against the evil Galactic Empire. Oh, well. At least it was Hera serving it to them.
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