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Expanding Episodes

Last night's new episode of The Expanse, "Here There Be Dragons", written by Georgia Lee, seemed to mainly be a bridge episode from one set of plot points to another. And yet it was satisfying and filled with several fun moments for characters.

Spoilers after the screenshot

Bobbie (Frankie Adams) is my new favourite character, next to Avasarala (Shohreh Aghdashloo). Bobbie beating the crap out of Captain Martens (Peter Outerbridge) was so much fun I was happy to look past the convenience in the commercial for the Caliban warrior being right there on Martens' PADD (I'm just going to use the Star Trek: TNG term).

I always love a Shakespeare reference though I'm so far not sure how these protomolecule soldiers relate to the character from The Tempest. I guess we could look at Mao (Francois Chau) as Prospero and Julie as a combination of Miranda and Ariel, I don't know. Maybe if Mao ends up saving everyone at some point. Fred Johnson seems more like Prospero, really, especially when he had Earth's missiles in his possession and had to make the decision to use them or return them. But then the decision was taken out of his hands, so that doesn't work. Oh, well.

I really loved how the episode spent time with Alex (Cas Anvar) getting cabin fever alone on the Rocinante.

It's nice to see Naomi (Dominique Tipper) parting with Holden (Steven Strait), hopefully some time away will make her realise how boring he is. Though apparently Naomi herself is a lot more interesting in real life than she is on the show:

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