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Saul is Called Forth Once Again

Speaking as someone who likes malls, I have to say I really like the one Saul Goodman is shown working at in the beginning of last night's third season premiere of Better Call Saul. Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan returned to direct and co-write this episode for the first time since season one and it's not bad. Though I'm not sure quite so much time needed to be spent on Mike's car.

Spoilers after the screenshot

I understand the point of spending so much time with Mike (Jonathan Banks) taking apart his car and finding the bug is to show how good Mike is at this stuff and how good his opponent is, too. I think the point could've been made in half the time, though. I also thought those pistachios were an oddly noisy snack for him to be eating when he didn't want to be noticed. I did really like how believably filthy that junk yard lounge was. Well, it's probably a real location. I guess this shows how used to clean sci-fi show sets I've gotten lately.

I remember hoping at the end of last season that they wouldn't spend too much time this season on Jimmy's (Bob Odenkirk) confession being secretly taped by Chuck (Michael McKean). I suppose they kind of had to, though. I did really like how the moment is complicated by a much less plotty bit about a book they'd read as a child and trying to take duct tape off the wall without tearing the varnish. It's important to remember these two guys are brothers whose antagonism is largely born of their closeness. Still, I'm getting impatient for the story to move on to other things. I want Jimmy to start wearing those loud suits.
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