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The Raven Brings Word of the Expanding Setsuled Empire

Here's a great lovely raven I saw at school a few days ago. I wish there were something nearby for scale but, take my word, this fellow's big as a chicken, at least.

This is my first post that I'm also posting to my new Dreamwidth account, where I'm going to start cross posting my journal to-day mainly to stay connected with any and all of my Live Journal friends who are moving there. Since Live Journal, owned by a Russian company, has recently updated its terms of service to seemingly prohibit controversial opinion regarding Russian politics, many people are understandably wary of remaining. I've been cross posting to Blogger for almost as long as I've been posting to Live Journal so I'm not in the boat a lot of my friends are, finding they need to transfer their whole journals to another service, but I really like my Live Journal and am not eager to leave it. I kind of want to wait 'til I get thrown off instead of leaving on my own volition.

Let's try something;

So, the other day, I saw Vladimir Putin wearing nothing but a tutu and a neck tie gently painting the tip of his penis with red nail polish. He became erect, though, possibly spoiling the polish, as he informed me of his infatuation with Justin Bieber, at which point I realised Putin's tie was decorated with crude nude drawings of Bieber.

Maybe it's all not as pertinent now since Trump heroically bombed part of a Syrian airfield that did not inhibit planes from launching from that field within an hour and did not take out nearby chemical weapons stores. But apparently the piles of evidence amased regarding Trump's contacts with Russia have been dazzled out of the eyes of Brian Williams and the like by the pretty missiles. But who can deny Trump wasn't motived by the deaths of children by Assad's chemical weapons despite the fact that Trump was still praising Assad after the last time he committed such a crime?

Anyway, for future reference, here are the four places I'll be posting my blog to for the forseeable future.
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