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Someone Finally Picked Up the Phone

Finally, three episodes in, the season of Better Call Saul has begun. Written by Gennifer Hutchison, who's now my favourite writer on the show, "Sunk Costs" dispensed with the loitering that characterised the first two episodes and finally dug in.

Spoilers after the screenshot

My one complaint--they went back to the Mexico is Yellow All the Time thing they used to do on Breaking Bad. It goes back to the lousy 2000 film Traffic, though--after that, lots of filmmakers thought it was a good idea to throw on a yellow filter whenever a film went to Mexico. Like the air is made of piss or something. Great statement, thanks.

I also thought Gus just looked uncomfortable in that coat but at least he had something interesting to say. I like how Mike is just sort of falling into working for him gradually and I loved Mike's clever scheme with the shoes to spill cocaine on that truck. I'm impressed actor Jonathan Banks was actually able to get those shoes to catch on the wire, I don't think I'd have ever been able to do it.

And the Jimmy plot was good, too. From the beginning--I loved how he laid it out for Chuck what it meant to betray the only family member who cared for him. There was the real difference between Chuck's neurotically driven sense of justice and Jimmy's more emotionally driven. I liked the courtroom stuff and Kim's montage getting ready for the day--as well as her subtle reaction to Jimmy not wanting her to work with him at first in defending him. It was all good, I look forward to more.

Twitter Sonnet #986

An animal returned the root to trees.
Escaping like a leaf, the cloud condensed.
The honeys soon outnumbered all the bees.
As tiny golden steps so clear evinced.
The lead brigade could charge but only slow.
A magic pared before the rind was soft.
A crucial brain aborts the salient blow.
The shipping speeds to mice in yonder loft.
Escaping tea includes the honey width.
In like the cold and heat are snakes and jokes.
A published book became an ancient myth.
Library hearing aids put cards in spokes.
The bluest lines o'ertook the printer card.
A tempered tin relaunched the Sampo guard.
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