Trompé Setsuled (setsuled) wrote,
Trompé Setsuled

About London.

I heard about London at around 5am or so. I was just about to go to sleep when I saw hernewshoes' post. I read a few web sites talking about it, and then tried to sleep. Found I couldn't, and switched on the television, first to CNN and MSNBC. I found both, of course, to be comprised of the usual awkward, insensitive readers clumsily wielding their technology. As with 9/11, I wasn't able to find unobtrusive coverage until I got to the BBC.

I hope everyone recovers from this and that this is the end of it. But, hell, I also hope everyone gets to come back from the dead one day. Well-wishes feel rather pointless when you hear about people losing all their limbs, reduced from decent beings of regular human endeavour to peculiar, helpless packages of flesh and blood.

It has my mind turning on a lot of things. I sat in Denny's reading The Call of Cthulhu and thought about how all the beauty and joy of humanity is a small thing in a cold and vast universe. When something like this happens, it's like a hole in our pretty, loose knit scarves.

Probably it was planned by al-Qaida. But what killed those people was fire and kinetics. Al-Qaida may think it controls these things but they'll never get what they want by it. It's not remotely reasonable to expect this will grant them the power they must want. If they are truly the ones responsible, their motives can only be completely delusional, small, and human.

All this shows is that a number of people now shall not be able to continue or obtain happy or fulfilling lives. All this means is that people are dead. All other effects are transitory and insubstantial. And that's why terrorism doesn't work.
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