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To-day's Nine Inch Nails joke.

Was just at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and noticed some sort of "Books For Our Troops" affair against the wall. Decorated with copious red, white, and blue ribbon was a table and a R2D2-sized cardboard box filled with paperback books, which customers donated to troops in exchange for a free drink.

Simple, uncoffeed Me, thought, "Oh, what a nice way to support troops and literature at the same time."

Then I looked in the box and laughed. It was filled with Nora Roberts, Danielle Steele, and a couple books from a so-called "Super Romance" series. Maybe they ought to've called it "Kindling For Our Troops".

It strikes me somehow as a metaphor for the insensitivity of those who support the war. It would take someone with a Harlequin romance brain to foist Harlequin romance on professional soldiers.

They ought to send them with a note; "Bow down before the fluff you serve."
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