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Looming Comic-Con

Oof. Can't seem to concentrate to-day. And that's not good. I wanted to get the new Boschen and Nesuko chapter done early because the Comic-Con starts Thursday and I wanna go on Thursday and Friday at least. Thursday because David Cronenberg's gonna be there, and Friday because that's when Tim's going. I haven't looked too closely at the schedule yet, though, so I might end up going Saturday and/or Sunday as well.

Anyone else going to this thing? Wanna meet up and have a hasty physical relationship to stock ourselves with shameful memories? Let me know.

Also, if anyone who's not going has dreamily looked at something on the schedule and bitterly cursed their inability to attend, let me know what that something is and maybe I'll check it out for you and tell you how much it ruled and how much your travel impairments make you a small and pathetic fish in this world. Because that's the kind of guy I am.

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