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Comic Con Report, volume 4: Battle Hardened Pigeon Edition

I think this is the angriest pigeon in San Diego. I saw him during Comic Con at a trolley station.

I still have panels I want to talk about but I thought I'd take to-day to talk about more miscellaneous Con matters. I packed a lunch every day of the Con and on Thursday and Saturday I enjoyed watching some live, violent mediaeval melee while I ate.

Like every year, the Society for Creative Anachronism was holding unscripted melee between folks in full armour--plate, chainmail, and lots of padding. As hot as it must have been under all that stuff, it still made more sense to me than Chris Hardwick wearing a sweater.

I usually get footage of the fights but this year I decided to try focusing on stills.

I didn't notice until just now the Daenerys looking on from above the fray.

I made really good sandwiches, by the way. Olive hummus, tomato, tofurky, cucumber, and spinach.

I'm not sure what these people on the periphery with poles were doing. I guess they're for any fighter whose gusto carries him or her into the crowd.

Once again, the Cinema Makeup School was on the floor demonstrating some amazing makeup. Here someone seems to be becoming the Joker.

Also on the floor was the Personal Property Auction of Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, which seemed kind of fucked up.

It seems like only recently I heard that Fisher's daughter, Billie Loud, was awarded her mother and grandmother's property. She wants to get rid of it already? I assume not everything's here. But some of it certainly didn't look like junk.

Lourd's pretty young, I wonder if she's going to regret getting rid of any of this when she's older. Than again, maybe this isn't part of the property she has custody of. It's hard to imagine this is all stuff from collectors, though.

I didn't see a lot of Star Wars cosplay at the Con this year, maybe because Disney decided to reserve all the Star Wars stuff for their own Con.

I talked to this woman dressed as Leia in the slave bikini from Return of the Jedi about how there used to be legions of Slave Leias at the Con. This year I only saw three. Otherwise, for Star Wars, there were the usual stormtroopers and Mandelorians, the sexy Ewok, and there was a Donald Trump/Darth Vader mashup I didn't get a picture of but his picture seems to be among a lot of collections online. Certainly the anti-Trump feeling was visible at the Con, which would have been nicer if I felt like he was really about to be removed from office.

There was some pretty wonderfully horrific anti-Trump art by Ron English at his booth but I was more impressed by this big thing on the top of his booth:

Twitter Sonnet #1017

When buildings made of white bananas fall
A backwards dream became the sifting glass
To place a boot beneath when feet are tall
And flower sleeves arise from clothing grass.
A sugar sun attempts to tame a big,
A massive shape unformed to make the cloud
Condense so soon to solid snacking fig
A Newton treat to drop the apple shroud.
In buckets cars are racing for the rain,
For fuel to take the spinach form from air,
From stringy green and canned as sugar cane,
As bottled as the rum that turns to stare.
Descending poison can convert the day.
A season strayed here from its ancient way.
Tags: #1017, carrie fisher, comic con, creative anachronism, debbie reynolds, melee, middle ages, ron english, san diego comic con, star wars
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