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The good fight.

I really like Jedi Academy and some of the mods I've been downloading lately. This is all at Tim's house, where he's set up two computers. So while he's lost in Guild Wars, I'm busy perfecting my lightsabre technique. And one cool thing about Academy is that there is a technique--you can slash horizontally, hack vertically, diagonally, behind you, in an arch or short chops. And when your blade hits your opponent's, it reacts dynamically--if they're swinging and you're sitting still, your blade is knocked aside, sometimes out of your hand. And the bounding boxes are nice and tight--if one blade misses another by a couple inches, they don't touch, and someone gets cut in half.

Well, you need the dismemberment code for that last part. But that's also dynamic--if your blade goes through a wrist, a hand gets cut off. The first time I was trying out Academy's dismemberment, I cut Darth Maul in half which, I know, was a funny coincidence.

So it's really hard to learn how to use a lightsabre properly. And those with sabre-staves or two sabres seem to have a definite advantage. I learned this while going one on one with Darth Maul in a perfect user made Free For All map of the Naboo hanger bay and power generation-something-or-other-with-pits area from Episode 1. I was using Gunner Yuna from Final Fantasy X2 (a much better environment for her than actual Final Fantasy X2). It was almost impossible to defeat him with a standard sabre, and most of my wins were due to me using Force Choke or pushing him into one of the pits.

Lots of good player models for the game are downloadable. Last night I added the Predator, and most of the cast of Inu-Yasha. In case you were wondering, if Kikyo were to fight Indiana Jones in the Death Star hanger from Return of the Jedi, Indiana Jones would win.
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