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You Know What I Think Of You and Your Damned Christina Ricci

Well, happy fucking Wednesday to you, and you, and most especially to you, meaning me, I think, who made it all possible.

For various reasons, one of which may have been laziness, I didn't work on Boschen and Nesuko very much over the weekend. Reasons as various as; I kept re-writing it, it dealt with subject matter that I was having a hard time making myself get enveloped in--see, although it probably won't be when you read it, it was sort of hard for me to dwell on, particularly when I could have been at Tim's playing bright, happy, innocent Jedi Academy or Final Fantasy X-2, Which I've been playing lately 'cause greygirlbeast's been gabbing about it.

Is there anything more sterile and safe than to-day's video games? Ultra-violence--with almost no blood, hardly any bruising, certainly no nudity, sex, and let's avoid cussing . . . Even as I'm having a good time, I constantly have this spectre of an Emerald City around me where heavily makeuped, phoney folks in gaudy fake material costumes are scrub-scrubbing here, scrub-scrubbing there, la la la . . . Or if there is sex and violence, it's practically the name of the game, and even then it's restrained.

Anyway. Finding myself hugely behind yesterday, I determined to work on Boschen and Nesuko with absolutely no distractions, until I'd gotten three pages done.

That would be pages 202, 203, and 204. I did manage to do page 201 over the weekend.

I woke at 1pm and let myself read some blog posts while drinking my coffee--I find it's better to have had coffee before getting to it than to be having coffee while getting to it. But after that, I didn't look at the internet at all. From 2pm Tuesday until 5:30am Wednesday, the only distractions I allowed myself were to stop and eat twice, use the bathroom four or five times, feed the cats and change their litter box, and from 11pm to 11:30pm I watched The Daily Show. And that was it.

Now, it wouldn't have taken me as long if this had been an average chapter. But this one has all kinds of itty bitty details that I absolutely had to have, even if people won't notice them and they won't show up on some monitors (I was dismayed to find that the tears and redness I'd carefully placed around Nesuko's eyes in previous chapters are all but invisible on Tim's fancy flat monitor).

But, hurrah, I did it, and now half the chapter's done, and now I've got three days to do four pages. It should seem like pie after last night. I suppose I oughta get to it . . .

It's funny how a night like last night can make the following day feel like the beginning of some kind of new era.
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