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Dekpa Remembers Dahomey and John Milton

A new chapter of my infrequently updated web comic, Dekpa and Deborah, is now online. Inspiration for this chapter came from literary critic William Empson's 1961 book on Paradise Lost called Milton's God. This bit:

" . . . the poem is not good in spite of but especially because of its moral confusions, which ought to be clear in your mind when feeling its power. I think it horrible and wonderful; I regard it as like Aztec or Benin sculpture, or to come nearer home the novels of Kafka, and am rather suspicious of any critic who claims not to feel anything so obvious."

I came across this while I was reading about both Milton and West African Vodun for my comic. It was a slightly weird coincidence to come across something about Benin sculpture in a book about Milton.

Tags: benin, comic, dahomey, dekpa and deborah, john milton, the devils dekpa and deborah, vodun, web comic
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