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Oh! Although I'm not Bullet-head from the East

When you're asking someone a fairly forward question, does it help to phrase the question in four words? Thereby making it not only a forward question, but also a four-word question as well?

Questions like, "Will you marry me?" ,"Do you seek death?" ,"Are you my mother?" ,"Can I go home?", or, "Would you fuck off?"

I just had a NICE little glass of green tea. I am flabbergasted by how a glass of cold, strong, unsweetened green tea can make my soul feel clean, giving me the momentary, but utterly complete delusion of possessing a clean soul! Yay!!!

This was after a bowl of Mexican refried beans mixed with American cheese. The flavours seemed meant for each other, and were tasty at the time--but--blech!--thick n' sticky n' sweet! Ock! I wish to discuss the meal no more!

Suffice to say, the tea was a very welcome thing indeed.

Oh events that transpire. My friend Magious's mum gave me a bunch of Starbucks gift cards she got for free from her work--each one not labelled with its amount. Each card could be anywhere between one and a hundred dollars.


So I started watching Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon to-day, only the screen was too small! I despaired and gave up to watch Mullholland drive instead--only ambient noises became too noisy--which sucks when you're watching a David Lynch movie! It's true! But NO ONE BELIEVES ME!!

I keep saying Lynch USES silences, so if you take them away from him, you (I'm crying) mess up his film! No one understands though . . . Like my aunt, they all think you can insert any old comment or full-blown one-sided conversation any old time. And sometimes I try to explain to people, and they nod like they understand, and then later turn out to have NOT understood! (screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeam!!!)

I wonder where Cryptess and Richard are? I don't know even if they're in Oregon still. I wonder if they tried calling Trisa's cell phone like I told 'em to?

I saw some kids at the mall today--three of 'em--sitting on a bench and opening some brand new action figures they'd bought today. Made me feel so nostalgic that I accidentally began smiling at this very pretty red-lipped girl walking my way. She was smiling too, but upwards so I think she was smiling at the gods. But who knows? Anyway, how could I explain to her that I really wasn't smiling at her but at some foolish little cosy memory prompted up the drainage in the gutter of my brain to glitter in the sun for a bit?

Ah the luck oriented occurrences in life. And it leaves me with one thing to say--but repeatedly--at 3 in the morning;

Soip, soip, soip, soip . . .
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