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Comic Con Report, volume 1: Farscape Edition

I spent the day in room 7AB, getting there early so I could have a decent seat for the Farscape 20th anniversary panel. Here's the footage I got:

The section at the end where Browder describes the scene in "Durka Returns" was in response to a fan who asked if Crichton and Chiana had a "brother and sister" relationship. As Chiana herself points out in "Taking the Stone", their relationship wasn't so easily defined. But given that scene in "Durka Returns" and the kiss they share at the end of season one, if it's a sibling relationship, it would certainly be an incestuous one.

One of the most exciting moments, as you can see in the clip, was the hinting from Brian Henson that Farscape may return eventually. It sounds like Farscape being on Amazon Prime has introduced it to a lot of new fans. The impression I had is that Henson hopes a deal can be worked out with Prime to shoot a new season of Farscape. Considering Prime rescued The Expanse when it, like Farscape, was cancelled by the Sci-Fi Channel, I'd say that's not an unreasonable thing to hope for. I'll keep my fingers crossed. It'd be nice to see the show return at this point, especially since Crichton and Aeryn's child would be a teenager now.

I have no idea why Gigi Edgley managed to remain in focus in my photos more than anyone else.

I sat through several panels waiting for Farscape and I'll talk about them at length in a longer post after Sunday. For to-day there is more Con . . .

Twitter Sonnet #1258

A kitten face regards the silent stones.
A talking quake conveys a shaky term.
The earth records a dream in brittle bones.
A sudden plate arrests the drifting worm.
A door was glass or ice or nothing real.
The window drained its colour late at night.
A green or blue decides to-day it's teal.
A safty pin would signal throats to fight.
A purple planet grows a set of limbs.
A loop of pitches brought to trial die.
The piping dream of dragons hardly dims.
A ruler measures sev'ral inches high.
A heavy radish weighs the muppet down.
But healthy veggies built the Fraggle town.
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