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Comic Con Report, volume 2; A Moment in Cosplay

I decided I was going to expend minimal effort getting cosplay pictures at this year's Comic Con. Every site always has an exhaustive series of photos every year now so there doesn't seem to be any point. But I went outside to eat some sandwiches I packed for myself yesterday and happened upon one of the big group photos. I think these are all Marvel cosplayers.

I also figured I'd take pictures of any really remarkable cosplay or cosplay not likely to be covered on other sites. I figured this one at least fit into the latter category;

To grab this person's attention I yelled, "Hey, Blondie!" with my best Tuco impression but I wasn't heard. Finally I said, "Hey, Clint Eastwood!"

And I had to get a photo of artist Joe Phillips, who always wears an amazing, completely different ensemble every day of the Con:

Tags: comic con, cosplay, san diego comic con
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