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Comic Con Report, volume 5: Moon Edition

This year was the 50th San Diego Comic Con and it happen to occur on the 50th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing, the latter landmark receiving a lot more attention, or so it seemed to me. The moderator at the panel for The Expanse made a point to note that, while the new season trailer was being shown, we hit the exact moment on July 20th in 1969 the Eagle landed. It was not an inappropriate trailer for the moment, featuring as it does the crew of the Rocinante setting foot on an alien world for the first time.

And here are the clips I got from the panel:

It's a good thing my camera has a good zoom but you can probably tell I was pretty far back in the Indigo Ballroom. The Expanse was the only panel I saw in there this year, which was kind of strange after the past couple years in which I've found myself in that room for most of at least one day. But I barely made it in for The Expanse because the panel preceding it was for The Good Place, which seems to be pretty popular.

On Sunday I was in a smaller room, room 32AB, inside the convention centre itself to see the panel for NASA and JPL. I think organisers underestimated the panel's popularity--the room completely filled up and time seemed to run out pretty quick.

Tags: comic con, jpl, moon landing, nasa, san diego comic con, the expanse
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