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Comic Con Report, volume 6: Miscellaneous Edition

Here's the floor of Comic Con on Sunday. I got there early and Sunday's generally not as busy so you can see there weren't many people there yet. Friday and Sunday I mostly devoted to wandering the floor. Here's an imposing Predator head I saw in the Iron Studios booth.

Iron were also displaying a special undead collection:

They also had this Star Wars chess set with difficult to distinguish colours. I can't imagine playing a real game with this:

Yoko Ono would be proud.

Several booths had their own versions of the Xenomorph this year. I liked the detail on this one at the Weta booth:

This is a life sized version of a model by Mini Epics, Weta's model store.

Speaking of dolls, but of the less (or possibly more) terrifying variety, I saw a two hour panel for San Diego's Ball-Jointed Doll Convention and Volks before the NASA panel on Sunday. Panellists included experienced dollmakers and enthusiasts who talked about their love for the hobby and attention to detail in choosing wigs, base materials, and clothing.

They were some very pretty dolls. I particularly liked this Storm:

I didn't end up taking many more cosplay pictures. I had to get this Dr. Jacobi, though, as the only Twin Peaks cosplay I spotted this year:

Also, these ladies:

I have no idea what military they were dressed as by they were all so coordinated and ready for pictures I had to take one.

Outside the Con I saw costumes of a more political nature, like these anti-vaxxers on Saturday:

Is Anonymous an anti-vaxxer group now? Would they even know it if they were? I guess that's a drawback in having little or no organisational structure. The Guy Fawkes mask has gone from innocuous to sinister to back to innocuous. Anyway, its effect is certainly becoming diluted. Unlike the spread of preventable deadly disease, thanks to anti-vaxxers. I remember it was only three or four years ago I saw the last of the religious protesters who were always obnoxious but at least it felt like the whole Con community were united against them.

Speaking of things that make me slightly embarrassed to be a liberal, there was also a Trump baby across the street:

I sure wish protests of Trump didn't make it seem like the protesters secretly adored him.

Anyway, I should conclude on a more positive note. Here are some Family Guy cast members doing a signing:

Also, a lot of people seemed to be interested in some movie called Avengers: Endgame. I spotted the directors of this film, known as the Russo Brothers, doing a signing:

And I think that's all I have for this year. It was pretty good, maybe not the most exciting Comic Con for me but definitely not the worst. Mostly I was just happy to be there, it's always a pleasent atmosphere.
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