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A Minority Report

Just returned from seeing Steven Spielburg's latest. Schindler's List it was not, I must say . . . And the action sequences were like poor shadows of the ones in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Still, it did have some good moments, particularly the beginning segment showing John Anderton (Cruise) and his team arresting a fellow just before he stabs his wife with a pair of scissors. Nice stuff, and made so by Spielburg's snappy flow of cuts and pans.

But generally speaking, the movie was weak everywhere that it deviated from Philip K. Dick's quite wonderful original tale. Sappy elements like Anderton pinning for his dead son give the movie an overdose of misplaced Heart.

The outting was more enjoyable for the girl I spent it with. Someone I care a great deal for with whom I hadn't gotten opportunity to properly hang out with in quite a while . . . It does me good to see her particularly as she was in an unusually good mood.

So it's a good day . . . It did all right. I give it a warm, affectionate pat on the head.

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