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Desirable social insect

A few hours ago I was informed that Ozzy Osbourne had once snorted a line of ants. And by ants I mean insects, not a clever acronym for the latest drug in the rock n roll world.

It got me to thinking--what if Ozzy, upon snorting the ants, had found himself in the most incredible, most transportive and euphoric high he had ever experienced? And what if he passed this knowledge on to others?

What if it became widely known that ants were the greatest drug?

Pest control would become a government priority. SWAT teams armed with insecticides would ram down doorways of purported "infested" houses.

But as anyone who knows anything about ants, the bastards are just impossible to permanently kill. They always come back eventually.

And therein would lay the doom of the idiotic War Against Drugs.


Having said that, I've plotting a great deal of work for myself, and I do not expect that I shall be getting much sleep.

Wish me luck, dear reader, as I dive headfirst into a pool of uncertain depth.
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